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Q: Do staff members receive a discount?

A: Staff members receives a discount off their children's portraits and a complementary pose of themselves.

Q: Do you take the siblings together?

A: We can photograph any child that attends the program. Arrangements must be made through the day care, preschool or MDO if the child does not attend the program.

Q: How can parent's view their child / chidlren's portraits?

A: We offer a Proof Order Form program. (See our sales link to view our proof program.) We also offer online sales just open link Online Sales with Proof Code for family members and friends.

Q: What style of portraits do you take?

A: We offer many different styles of portraits. Please check our link to portrait samples. (Just a sample of the many different styles we have created just for your parent's).

Q: What age do we photograph?

A: We specialize in 6 weeks to 6 years old alone or with siblings.

Q: How long does a portrait session last?

A: We try to limit portrait sessions to mornings while children are still fresh, but large programs may require a second photography day.

Q: How long until our parent's receive their final prints?

A: Finish portraits arrive approimately 1 week from the date we receive the Proof Order Forms.

Q: How do I schedule my picture day?

A: Please call us (281) 884-8450 or email us at

Q: Do you do Graduation Portraits?

A: Graduates may have their cap & gown pose in addition to the regular portrait package chosen for the center. We can provide the cap & gown or we can use the preschools.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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