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Director's Online Preview

  • We handle the photography and orders from our collected Proof Order Form, and your school can take advantage of fundraising opportunities depending on parent participation and the size of orders

  • Our Proof Order Form program sets the standard that parent's can custom build their package from all poses and sizes from their Proof Order Form. No more buying a package and adding on additional poses pick the sheets you want from the poses you want. We consider one family one proof so parent's also choose from all of the poses including the sibling images that are mounted on one (sometimes two) proofs, so that parents are not adding, but customizing.

  • We also offer (1) sheet packages online so that parents on a tight budget can purchase their portraits from our online program.

  • All package purchases receive complimentary (4) magnets.

  • Staff receive a 50% discount off of any package purchase of their children and complimentary individual pose of themselves.

  • Free Director and or Owner portraits with photo gift display items (Retail Value $260.00).

  • Click on Parent Flyer link to see our parent sample flyer. Parent Flyer

To view our Photo Albums please open the Find us on Facebook icon link below:

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