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                          2019 Fall Proof Order Program
                    Linen Pillow Sham or Linen Backpack

  (Complimentary with package purchase)
(Not available online Proof Orders Only)

Our proof program sets the standard that parents can custom build their package from all poses on our Proof Order Form. No more buying a package and adding on additional poses or buying from multiple packages. Parents pick the sheets they want from the poses they want.
We consider one family one proof (sometimes two) so parent's also choose from all of the poses including the sibling images that are mounted on one proof so that parents are not adding but customizing. (All Prices include sales tax).

We will photograph all children and return the Proof Order Form normally in a week or less. Parents take proofs home and share code with family members so they have the choice of poses and by previewing online. Parents can purchase by returning the Proof Order Form, by phone or online with a code that only allows them to see their children's portraits.

No more sales representatives showing up giving the parents only a couple of minutes to purchase. Parents take home the Proof Order Form to the comfort of their own home and have approximately one week to decide on their orders.

All of our photo gift items from our online catalog can be written in on the parent's
Proof Order Form to save e-commerce and shipping fees by having the items ship direct to the preschool.

We also offer (1) sheet orders so that parents on a tight budget can purchase their portraits from our online program.

We offer two sided Proof Order Forms for our high quality photo gift items that are made in our office which allows us to offer you beautiful keepsake gifts at the lowest price.

Front of Proof

Rear Side of Proof